The regional government will offer loans without interest for the adaptation of housing for the rental market

Loans without interest- url…, up to 12,000 euros, for the adaptation of real estate, the payment of part of the community expenses and the payment of the energy efficiency certificate are the main novelties in 2017 of the housing rental stock exchange, promoted by the Government of Navarra, through the public company Nasuvinsa.

This was explained by the Vice President of Social Rights of the Provincial Government and president of the public company Nasuvinsa, Miguel Laparra, after the signing, this Monday in the riverbank capital, of an agreement with the mayor of Tudela, Eneko Larrarte, for the incorporation of the locality to the program.

The agreement of incorporation of Tudela to the rental bag has as objective the collaboration of the Government of Navarra and the City Council of Tudela in the detection and mobilization of the existing empty house in the locality to ensure that it is dealt with effectively and made available of the possible plaintiffs of the housing.

Among other measures, it contemplates the creation of a single housing office, in order to centralize the management of habitability, rehabilitation, and leasing of protected housing.

During the signing of the agreement, Vice President Laparra announced the innovations that for this year 2017 have been introduced in the program of the Rental Exchange in order to make it more attractive for owners who want to rent their home. The first of them contemplates that the community expenses of the housing that forms part of the stock exchange will be for Nasuvinsa’s account, with a monthly ceiling of 50 euros.

The second of the measures will be to offer interest-free financing for the necessary adaptation costs to be able to incorporate the dwelling in the Rental Exchange, up to a maximum of 12,000 euros, to be compensated with the subsequent rental income.

Finally, it will also be for Nasuvinsa’s account the elaboration of the energy efficiency certificate for those homes that are offered to the Rental Exchange and that do not have it, or when their offer is renewed after 5 years and they also lack it.

Likewise, dissemination activities are planned to increase the rental market, such as the sending of informative emails to government personnel of Navarra, sending personalized letters to holders of dwellings in which there are indications of unemployment and the inspection of the occupation of housing, seeking not so much the sanction as the possibility of being incorporated into the stock market.

The signing of the agreement declares Tudela consistory entity collaborating

with the rental housing program, managed by the Government of Navarre, which implies that it is committed to providing neighbors with information about the program and streamlines its management.

Likewise, the consistory will study the possibility of granting some type of tax exemption or direct help to the owners who actually rent their home through the Rental Exchange; and it will quantify the demand for housing in existing lease in its municipal area, and channel it through a census of applicants for protected housing.

The commitments of the municipality of Tudela also include studying the mechanisms to detect empty housing, in order to be able to propose to its owner’s alternatives for their occupation; and facilitate the management of owners interested in offering their homes, who may submit their applications before Nasuvinsa or before the City Council itself.

The review and inspection of the homes offered may be carried out either by Nasuvinsa or by the staff of the town hall or another that may be agreed. Likewise, the visit to the house by the possible people interested in its lease can be managed by both organizations.

Future tenants may submit the necessary documentation to the city council, both to sign the contracts and to grant or renew the lease subsidy to which they may be entitled under the current regulations on protected housing.

The agreement, with an expected duration of 4 years renewable

The agreement, with an expected duration of 4 years renewable

also includes the commitment of the municipality to encourage among the residents the rehabilitation and maintenance of their homes, the presentation in time and form of the Building Assessment Report, and the impetus that the modification of the Housing Law provides the rehabilitation activity by means of the new aid of greater quantity than the previously existing ones.