What requirements do I need to contract a payday loan consolidation?


There may be many reasons why you could apply for a loan.

Maybe you’re thinking about taking a wonderful vacation with your family or starting a new business.

Whatever the reason, a personal loan can be an excellent way to help you achieve your dreams.

When you decide to apply online for a personal loan at CreditoAgil.es it can be quick and easy.

You just have to make sure you meet the requirements to get a loan and have some things on hand before you start.


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What are the requirements that I must meet when hiring a loan?

To apply for a personal loan successfully, the borrower must provide certain documents.

These documents help the lender (whether a bank or a private) to know and understand the financial stability of the borrower and analyze the credit risk.

In addition to that, it helps the lender to know and verify all the details about the applicant, such as age, income, address, and employment.

It is on the basis of this that a lender decides whether or not to loan the applicant.

As personal loans are unsecured loans.

The lender takes nothing as collateral for the loan amount, therefore, there is always a potential risk of default of the borrower or leak in the loan.

Therefore, it is necessary for a lender to request a set of documents so that it can analyze the applicant and then decide.

List of requirements to contract a loan

Next, I will show you a list with all the documents required for a personal loan:

  • Be of legal age: Be 18 years old, although some lenders require that the minimum age be 21 or 25 years
  • Reside in Spain: To benefit from these loans you must live in Spain, therefore, you must provide your ID or NIE to certify it.
  • Have a sufficient source of income: You must demonstrate to the lender, that you have a stable, recurring and sufficient source of income to repay the loan, usually through a bank statement.
  • Have a mobile line: and also the email so they can contact you.
  • Have a bank account: This will serve to enter the credit money and to automatically deduct the loan installments.
  • Have economic solvency: You must show the lender that you can repay the loan without any problem.

Some lenders will require you not to be registered in any delinquency record as the ASNEF.

Do you want to know the requirements to contract a loan on the Internet? Learn how to borrow money online safely and comfortably. 

Why is the bank statement necessary to obtain a personal loan?

Applying for a personal loan is not a difficult task since most of the time the personal loan is not guaranteed.

The applicant does not need to provide any assets as collateral to obtain the personal loan.

The bank statement is very important for personal loans since it is a vital proof of your income.

For the salaried person, the bank statement is evidence to demonstrate the eligibility of the personal loan and the repayment of the loan.

It is one of the important tests that the person must provide since it specifies the ability to pay the loan.

What is a bank statement?

¿Qué es un extracto bancario?

A bank statement or statement of account is a summary of financial transactions that have occurred during a given period in a bank account maintained by a person with a financial institution or a bank.

Generally, for the request of a personal loan, it is required to present the bank account statement of the last six months.

Since the bank statement is something a bank registers, it is not under your control, which reduces the chances of error or fraud.

The bank statement is made monthly to specify the income generated and the expenses paid.

All income and expense transactions are recorded in the return.

The opening balance of the previous month added to the total of all transactions during the period results in the closing balance for the current state.

The bank statement includes paid checks, total withdrawals, total deposits, interest earned and service charges or penalties incurred in an account.

In addition, it provides:

  • The initial balance
  • Final balance
  • Extract date
  • Beneficiary, name, and address of the client
  • Period of account statement
  • Account holder account number
  • And bank customer service number

So it provides a lot of vital information for the lender since it confirms your identity, your income, your reliability and that you can really pay the personal loan.

Is there any additional advice to keep in mind?

Now that you know the answer to ” What requirements do I need to contract a loan ?” There are some warning signs that you should keep in mind.

Avoid personal loans that charge fees in advance.

While it’s good to have enough time to pay the money you borrowed, you may want to pay off your debt faster to avoid paying more interest.

You will lose the savings benefit if the lenders of your credit charge you to pay earlier than expected.

If a loan provider requires you to buy another type of product with the personal loan, such as insurance, look for loans through another lender.

This is not necessary and will only cost you more money.

Personal loans are useful tools, but they are used with caution

Personal loans can provide you with a cheaper financing option than credit cards.

does credit consolidation work

This can also be a good way to consolidate your debts if you can ensure a good interest rate.

Best of all, personal loans do not require collateral, so you have a lot of freedom and flexibility in how to use the money.

However, remember that, if you take out a loan, you will be indebted until you pay the balance.

That could jeopardize your financial security if an economic emergency arises while you are still paying the loan.

Before borrowing money this way, make sure you really need to get a loan.

If so, be responsible. Borrow only what you need and you must know in advance how you are going to repay that money.

And to finish…

Now that you have seen the requirements to hire a loan, do you meet them? Do you want to apply for a personal loan?

Personal credits are meant to help you get the things you want or dream of.

Through our credit comparison, you can see the multiple products and lenders that we have at your disposal.

So you can compare and select the best one for you.

We also recommend that you be careful asking only what you need and responsible for returning the money you have requested.

Since the consequences for non-payment are serious and you can be trapped by a spiral of debt.

Remember that the responsibility is yours …


What Credit Score Do I Need to Apply For Auto Loans

If it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, you may be wondering about one obstacle that could get in your way: your credit. Maybe you’re unsure how good your credit is, and you don’t know what credit score is needed to buy a car either. It is better to educate yourself with the knowledge you need to move forward with the car buying process to help alleviate any frustration or challenges you may find along the way to car ownership.

No matter your credit score, you can probably find a way to finance a car loan if you absolutely must buy a new vehicle. The real question is what your credit score will cost you when you make the purchase. The better your credit score, the better your chances may be of receiving a cheaper and more affordable interest rate and payment per month.

So, while there’s no minimum credit score required for car loans, your credit history and credit score can definitely make a big difference in the car buying process.

Bad Credit Scores Mean Much Higher Interest Rates

According to data from Experian Automotive, the difference in interest rates on a new car loan for someone with excellent credit versus someone with very poor credit is over 11 percentage points.

In fact, 2.84% was the average interest rate someone with a super-prime (excellent) credit score paid in the first quarter of 2017, while those with deep subprime (very poor) credit paid an average interest rate of 13.98% or higher.

To illustrate this difference, consider that you apply for a 60-month loan on a car that costs $25,000. With a 2.84% interest rate, the total cost of your car would be $26,847 with payments of $447 per month. Not too shabby.

For the same loan but an interest rate of 13.98%, your car loan would cost you $34,887, and you’d pay $581 per month. That’s more than $8,000 extra! Clearly, poor credit can result in you paying a lot more for your new vehicle.

The difference was even starker in comparison to those financing used cars. Those with super-prime credit paid an average rate of 3.56%, while those with deep subprime credit paid an average of 19.62%—more than 16 percentage points higher.

Average New Car Loan Rate by Credit Score (Q1 2017)

  • Super-prime (781–850): 2.84%
  • Prime (661–780): 3.77%
  • Nonprime (601–660): 6.60%
  • Subprime (501–600): 11.05%
  • Deep subprime (300–500): 13.98%

Note that the credit labels above represent Experian’s credit ranges. Other credit reporting agencies use different scales and labels so the information may differ between each credit bureau.

Experian uses a scoring model of 300 to 850. You will find the prime borrowers on the top of this spectrum, and the deep subprime borrowers are at the lower end of the spectrum.

Even if your credit score doesn’t fall into the average ranks as outlined below, you may still be able to qualify for a vehicle loan with a score of between 600 and 660.

Average Used Car Loan Rate by Credit Score (Q1 2017)

  • Super-prime: 3.56%
  • Prime: 5.29%
  • Nonprime: 9.88%
  • Subprime: 16.48%
  • Deep subprime: 19.62%

The dealer may also evaluate your credit using another type of credit score called VantageScore. VantageScore, which was developed by all three of the major reporting agencies, assigns different weights to different parts of your credit history, such as on-time payments, balances, and utilization.

Some people may benefit from a lender using their VantageScore, while others may be at a disadvantage.

Subprime Auto Loans

If you find that you are ineligible for a traditional car loan because you have a low credit score or less than perfect credit, or your income is below where it needs to be, then you will need to look into a subprime auto loan.

Subprime auto loans tend to be a lot riskier than regular or traditional car loans, and they typically come attached to much higher interest rates and fees, and you are paying for much longer terms.

Subprime lending is also often referred to as near-prime, subpar, non-prime, and second-chance lending. However, instead of using this type of high interest loan, if available, you should instead improve your credit, so it is no longer less-than-perfect-credit. You could also see if you could instead qualify for in-house financing at the dealership, so you do not have to be a subprime borrower and risk putting yourself under even more financial strain.

Where to Start If You’re Unsure

If you’re nervous about letting a car dealer check your credit—but even if you aren’t—it’s helpful to check your score yourself in advance. You can check your credit report for free to make sure you don’t have any surprises and to find mistakes.

Note that the credit scores an auto lender uses may be slightly different because it will be tailored for an auto loan. Still, it’s a good start—if your general credit score is strong, you can also bet that the score the dealer uses is strong.

We also recommend that you try to get pre-approved for a car loan from a bank or credit union before setting foot in the dealership. With a set interest rate in hand, if the dealer can offer you a better rate, perfect! If not, you’ll be prepared to pay what your bank approved you for.

How to Get Pre-approved for a Car Loan

You can apply for pre-approval for a car loan easily online, in person, or even over the phone. The lender will perform a hard credit check to see the state of your credit, and they will then gather all of your financial information such as your monthly income, and they will then have a better idea about whether or not they will provide you with the car loan.

All of these factors will figure into the interest rate, monthly payment, loan amount, and even the length of the loan. There is also something called pre-qualification, but this process will not be as accurate as the pre-approval process because they are not able to take such a close look at your credit.

If and when you are pre-approved, the lender will provide you with an offering statement in the form of a letter, certificate, or another form of proof so you can take it to the car dealership of your choice and begin the car buying process.

Remember, even if you are pre-approved, you will want to set a very realistic budget for yourself prior to looking at cars so you will have a better idea of what you can afford and what you should be looking into.

Getting the Best Auto Loan

Getting the best auto loan in JUST 3 STEPS is important when it comes to affordability and value. It is recommended that you look at options from different banks and credit unions and other online lenders to make sure you are getting the lowest possible interest rate you can get. Finding a car dealership that offers to finance may also prove to be a beneficial idea as well; especially if your credit is less than ideal.

When planning to finance a new or used car, it is always best to take your time and plan it out because it is a big purchase and investment. If you are able and have the time, you should consider working on your credit score to improve your credit, so you are able to lock in a much better deal.

Pull your credit report and look through it thoroughly. Always be on the lookout for any errors so you can dispute them and get them removed. It is also important to make sure you are paying all of your bills on time, your credit balances are low, and you are not opening any new lines of credit except when you actually need to.

You will be presented with better financing options if you can show the potential lenders that you are responsible and can pay your bills on time and maintain good credit.

A Word of Caution

Credit inquiries related to auto loans made within a short time frame (usually 14 days, or 45 days depending on the credit score model being used) are supposed to count as a single inquiry. However, some of our readers have found their credit scores dropping after multiple car dealers sent credit inquiries for financing. This is another reason why getting pre-approved before going to the dealership is a good idea.

If want to make sure your credit is good enough to purchase a car, you can check your three credit reports for free once a year. To track your credit more regularly, Credit.com’s free Credit Report Card is an easy-to-understand breakdown of your credit report information that uses letter grades—plus you get two free credit scores updated every 14 days.


The regional government will offer loans without interest for the adaptation of housing for the rental market

Loans without interest- url…, up to 12,000 euros, for the adaptation of real estate, the payment of part of the community expenses and the payment of the energy efficiency certificate are the main novelties in 2017 of the housing rental stock exchange, promoted by the Government of Navarra, through the public company Nasuvinsa.

This was explained by the Vice President of Social Rights of the Provincial Government and president of the public company Nasuvinsa, Miguel Laparra, after the signing, this Monday in the riverbank capital, of an agreement with the mayor of Tudela, Eneko Larrarte, for the incorporation of the locality to the program.

The agreement of incorporation of Tudela to the rental bag has as objective the collaboration of the Government of Navarra and the City Council of Tudela in the detection and mobilization of the existing empty house in the locality to ensure that it is dealt with effectively and made available of the possible plaintiffs of the housing.

Among other measures, it contemplates the creation of a single housing office, in order to centralize the management of habitability, rehabilitation, and leasing of protected housing.

During the signing of the agreement, Vice President Laparra announced the innovations that for this year 2017 have been introduced in the program of the Rental Exchange in order to make it more attractive for owners who want to rent their home. The first of them contemplates that the community expenses of the housing that forms part of the stock exchange will be for Nasuvinsa’s account, with a monthly ceiling of 50 euros.

The second of the measures will be to offer interest-free financing for the necessary adaptation costs to be able to incorporate the dwelling in the Rental Exchange, up to a maximum of 12,000 euros, to be compensated with the subsequent rental income.

Finally, it will also be for Nasuvinsa’s account the elaboration of the energy efficiency certificate for those homes that are offered to the Rental Exchange and that do not have it, or when their offer is renewed after 5 years and they also lack it.

Likewise, dissemination activities are planned to increase the rental market, such as the sending of informative emails to government personnel of Navarra, sending personalized letters to holders of dwellings in which there are indications of unemployment and the inspection of the occupation of housing, seeking not so much the sanction as the possibility of being incorporated into the stock market.

The signing of the agreement declares Tudela consistory entity collaborating

with the rental housing program, managed by the Government of Navarre, which implies that it is committed to providing neighbors with information about the program and streamlines its management.

Likewise, the consistory will study the possibility of granting some type of tax exemption or direct help to the owners who actually rent their home through the Rental Exchange; and it will quantify the demand for housing in existing lease in its municipal area, and channel it through a census of applicants for protected housing.

The commitments of the municipality of Tudela also include studying the mechanisms to detect empty housing, in order to be able to propose to its owner’s alternatives for their occupation; and facilitate the management of owners interested in offering their homes, who may submit their applications before Nasuvinsa or before the City Council itself.

The review and inspection of the homes offered may be carried out either by Nasuvinsa or by the staff of the town hall or another that may be agreed. Likewise, the visit to the house by the possible people interested in its lease can be managed by both organizations.

Future tenants may submit the necessary documentation to the city council, both to sign the contracts and to grant or renew the lease subsidy to which they may be entitled under the current regulations on protected housing.

The agreement, with an expected duration of 4 years renewable

The agreement, with an expected duration of 4 years renewable

also includes the commitment of the municipality to encourage among the residents the rehabilitation and maintenance of their homes, the presentation in time and form of the Building Assessment Report, and the impetus that the modification of the Housing Law provides the rehabilitation activity by means of the new aid of greater quantity than the previously existing ones.

The Euribor index remains below zero at the end of the year and lowers mortgages by 76 euros

The Euribor index remains below zero at the end of the year and lowers mortgages by 76 euros

  • It is the most used indicator to calculate mortgages in Spain.
  • The final data will be confirmed by the Bank of Spain next Monday.

The twelve-month Euribor is the most commonly used indicator to calculate mortgages. EUROPE PRESS

The 12-month Euribor will close the year at historic lows. It has 11 in negative and, predictably and in the absence of the official data offered on Monday by the Bank of Spain, will mark an average rate of -0.080% for December . It is the indicator with which the majority (90%) of mortgages in our country are calculated. And so, sunk and below zero, will save citizens with these loans about 76 euros per year.

However, despite these favorable figures to customers, banks will not have to return, at the moment, any money. Entities always apply a differential in mortgages that must be added to the Euribor , and the lowest that has been sold in general a credit of this type in our country is 0.17 percentage points, reports Efe.

Gone are the days when, at the height of the economic crisis, the Spanish suffered a Euribor of 5.393% : it was in July 2008. This indicator is the price at which banks lend money in the euro zone and directly hangs of the wand of the European Central Bank, which is the one that sets the rates.

Since last March, he keeps them at 0%; its president, Mario Draghi , wants to fight low inflation in this way, and it does not seem that he will change his mind soon, since in his opinion the measure “works”.


“Clauses zero” of the banks

The entities are not comfortable. First, because they lose money. That is why they have made imaginative decisions – aside from raising the aforementioned differential – such as the application of the so-called “zero clauses” in variable interest mortgages. What is this? As easy as setting a fixed minimum of 0% for the Euribor. With this the banks make sure that, no matter how much the indicator falls, they will charge for the loan granted.

” It is normal that banks seek to hedge against eventualities that may damage their bottom line, ” he told 20minutes Victoria Torre, head of Content Development, Products and Services Self Bank, “but most importantly transparency the time to hire is total for the customers, “he adds.

It is normal for banks to try to cover themselves against eventualities that may damage their income statement. Secondly, we must remember that the Euribor is in question. “Uncertainty about the integrity of these indices is a source of vulnerability and systemic risk, and can undermine market confidence, seriously harm consumers and investors and distort the real economy,” he wrote this week in an article for the BE Responsible for Resolution and Financial Stability of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), María José Gómez Yubero.

Earlier this month, Brussels placed a fine of 485 million euros on three international banks (Credit, HSBC and JP Morgan) for manipulating the index; Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Société Générale had to release another 820 million after recognizing, yes, their fault.

System reform

At the moment, a remodeling of the system that allows us to calculate the Euribor is underway. The aim of the European Money Markets Institute (EMMI), in charge of doing so, is for the calculation to be made from real operations and not from estimates provided by banks, as it has been up to now. It is expected for 2017, although Torre points out that it could be delayed because the entities “are not responding” as expected.

The number of signed mortgages grew 16.8% in October The expert believes that the new Euribor ” could be a much more reliable index of the market situation” and ensures that there is some “hope” in eliminating “some of the distortions “that are given with the indicator in force.

The current situation envisages a possible increase in variable-rate mortgages. Some have been ahead of the events and in October (latest data from the INE) 28.6% of mortgages signed were at fixed interest, 18.9 points more than in the same month of 2015 . The number of signed mortgages grew 16.8%. Something moves, although there is still a way to go.

The banks not only cover their backs now: many mortgaged are still dragging the effects of the floor clauses . On December 21 the European Justice gave them the reason and they will charge the overpaid. Little by little.

Three questions to …

Victoria Torre , responsible for Development of Contents, Products and Services of Self Bank.

How long will the Euribor continue in negative?
I could continue like this if we consider the reasons. First, interest rates are at 0%, and this in the short term will not change. Neither the negative levels (-0.4%) of the deposit facility of the ECB to the banks. And the ECB’s purchasing programs have been a pressure.

Mortgage at fixed or variable rate?
The situation is exceptional, in the medium term it has to reverse. The historical average of the Euribor is around 2%, that should be our reference. The spreads have already risen, so when the rebound begins can be noted in the rise in variable-rate mortgages.

Could banks get to return money?
They could in some cases be signed under very advantageous conditions, but in most cases the spreads leave a sufficient cushion for the entities.

Enjoying Incredible Profit And Much More Through Stock Assault Second

Enjoying Incredible Profit And Much More Through Stock Assault Second

Used people making lots of money by purchasing stocks. So, have you ever wondered how people make money along with trading stocks? Well, it needs plenty of knowledge of the stock market.

Within a crazy market like the market, don’t buy on worth. Today’s stock market is up plus down up and down. It’s dangerous to hold for too long at this point unless you buy to hold for approximately 30 years, chances are you will lose. I would recommend sticking to technical analysis whenever online stock trading, because of these times, it’s the only sure method to make some money in this market.


The advantage of these investing platforms

You can find different types of trading platforms. The simple ones just offer fundamental order entry methods that are sufficient for the average investor and investor who areas less than one trade per day. The more advanced ones providing highly sophisticated ways of redirecting your order to different marketplace places. The advantage of these investing platforms lies in their performance speed but the handling demands some experience. Day investors who execute up to numerous trades per day are using this kind of direct access trading platforms.

To help you with all your requirements in education online business, you might want to consider purchasing an online investment trading software. Look for software that may provide technical graphics, current quotes background info on the businesses you are looking at.

You will usually encounter some trades that will show far more promise compared to others so put more income there and lesser funds into weaker trades. That which you must never do is usually follow a trade without knowing whether or not it will work or not. Naturally, there will be times when an apparently unworkable trade will shift unpredictably and prove a person wrong but that is just a part of your learning encounter to making better decisions within how to invest in stocks online. Instead of giving up upon making right decisions, you need to refine your technique trying to understand why this happened.

Because of the large number, a few vendors offer free education and learning online trading. They fundamentally give you a briefing on what your own cd investment calculator is all about. They could furthermore give some tips on an effective strategy. But the drawback will be, it is only in theory they can help you.

Invest in mutual funds

There are those who would think Exchange traded funds had been similar to mutual funds. These are certainly not & significant variations among the two. As such, the way you invest in mutual funds should differ from the one you spend money on Exchange traded funds. People who question the particulars showing how to invest in ETFs, here is a brief look at the process.

In case you are starting out trading, don’t let these types of stock market orders frighten a person. Once you get the hang of those, especially after signed up for some virtual trading accounts, it could make a difference to your profit plus loss trading account. Everything comes down to your stock trading techniques and what you are trying to achieve.

Science to carry

# # # By Juan Margalef Roig, Enrique Outerelo Domínguez and Salvador Miret Artés *

Can you sell what you do not have? In financial economics; yes. Selling short (or short) means selling securities that are not owned.

An investor can borrow, in exchange for the payment of a ‘rent’ (or premium), shares to another investor … and obtain significant benefits from this operation .

Suppose that our investor becomes ‘bearish’ with respect to the shares of a company; that is, it has the sensation or intuition that the action of a certain company will fall within a reasonable period of time. Through its broker, you can borrow 20,000 shares of that company from another investor to sell them immediately afterwards.

Author: Alberto Carrasco-Casado

Let us also suppose that at the time of this operation the stock is quoted at 13 euros and that, a few weeks later, according to the expectations of our investor, the price drops to 9 euros. At that time, you can undo the position; that is, buy 20,000 shares and return them to whoever had left them on loan.

If we consider that at that time the company has distributed a dividend of 1 euro per share, which the owner of the securities must receive, we can calculate the profit of the operation. Leaving aside the management expenses (agent commissions and the ‘rent’ of the shares) the profit is 20,000 x 13 – 20,000 x 9 – 20,000 x 1 = 60,000 euros.

This practice, common in the financial world, is regulated in Spain by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). The organization requires investors sufficient guarantees to cover all steps of the operation (especially, provided by other investors), which are returned with their interests at the end of the process.

If the stock, instead of falling, increases in price, the broker, following the regulations of the CNMV, will ask for more guarantees to the investor or will undo the position immediately. If the stock is unpaid at 15 euros, the investor’s losses will be: 20,000 x 13 – 20,000 x 15 – 20,000 x 1 = – 60,000 euros (the negative sign means losses).

The ‘bearish’ scenario could have been imagined or intuited, for example, by the actions of Spanish banks due to the Greek crisis of last July. So it was.

Source: www.tOrange.us

The same idea underlies the speculation known as ‘attack on a coin’ which is supposed to be a weak currency. Without wanting to give names of people or groups of people who have done it, we will briefly describe this scenario. The speculator, without departing from the regulations of country M or international regulations, asks for a loan from the currency of country M. Immediately after receiving the loan, he changes it to dollars or any other ‘strong’ currency that is chosen to operate . This last operation takes place within the financial system of country M, therefore the currency reserve of M decreases. This operation is repeated 4, 5 or 6 times in a short time, decreasing more and more the currency reserve of country M and, sometimes, in a generalized environment of rumors and signs of devaluation. When the devaluation expected by the speculator arrives, he returns the loans in the M currency, which, being devalued, leaves him an important benefit.

Let’s see this procedure with an example. The speculator will receive five successive loans of 200 million coins of M; and it will change each one of them with the following type of change: the first, 100 coins of M for 1 dollar; the second, 105 by 1; the third, 110 by 1; the fourth, 120 by 1; and the fifth, 125 for 1. Without counting the interest and the expenses of currency exchange, the speculator owes 1,000 million coins of M and will have in his possession 8,989,610.39 dollars. Suppose that after the official devaluation in M, the change is 150 M coins for 1 dollar. Then our individual will change $ 6,666,666.67 to obtain the 1,000 million M currency with which to repay their loans, and will retain a profit of $ 2,322,943.72.


* Juan Margalef Roig and Salvador Miret Artés are researchers from the CSIC at the Institute of Fundamental Physics. Enrique Outerelo Domínguez is a professor at the Complutense University of Madrid. The three are authors of the four volumes of the work Probability and Economics (Sanz and Torres).


About Mar Gulis:

#Bajo the collective name of Mar Gulis (in tribute to the great researcher and disseminator #


News Reduce heating costs: “A lot can be achieved with little effort”

News Reduce heating costs: “A lot can be achieved with little effort”

finanzen.de News always well informed

Wednesday, 24.01.18 , written by Anja Schlicht Proper heating needs to be learned. But how should consumers know if their needs are too high? Heating mirrors help to get a feel for the heating level in Germany or a region. However, if homeowners want to make their four walls more climate-friendly with subsidies, they face a “funding jungle,” says Tanja Loitz, managing director of co2online. >

Heizkosten senken: Smarte Technologien haben viel Energiesparpotenzial

Tanja Loitz from co2online (Source: www.co2online.de / Phil Dera)

By improper ventilation or radiators delivered owners and tenants pay each year too much money for a warm home. However, the greatest heat loss causes a bad energetic state of the house , explains Tanja Loitz. She is managing director of co2online. For example, the non-profit climate protection consultancy provides consumers with heating mirrors that enable them to assess their behavior and consumption.

In an interview with finanzen.de, Tanja Loitz explains how residents can reduce their heating costs , what potential smart technologies have for saving energy and why homeowners give away subsidies if they want to improve the energy-related state of their home.

Where do you get the data for the respective heating mirrors?

Tanja Loitz: The heating mirrors are calculated on the basis of real consumption data of residential buildings. In other words, the data comes from consumers who use our interactive energy-saving checks and enter their heating billing there, for example. All registered values ​​are collected anonymously in our building database and then evaluated. For the heating mirror for Germany in 2017 , there were around 60,000 building data of centrally heated residential buildings from all over Germany.

How can people find out the reasonable cost of heating if there is no current heating mirror for their city or municipality?

Tanja Loitz: If there is no regional heating mirror, consumers can also evaluate the heating energy consumption and the heating costs of their dwelling with the heating mirror for Germany. That’s a first good orientation.

Anyone familiar with the year of construction of their home will get a more accurate result with the heating mirrors according to building construction years – because these heating mirror versions take into account that older buildings require on average more heating energy than newer buildings because the stricter requirements for energy consumption apply.

Incidentally, the regional differences in heating energy consumption have many causes. One of these is the weather – of course, this is quite different on the coast than in the mountains. Therefore, regional evaluations of energy consumption are more accurate than transregional ones.

  • Our service for you
  • Are you looking for a professional advice on precaution and insurance?
  • Find experts now

What, in your experience, causes the greatest amount of heat loss in an apartment or house?

Tanja Loitz: The biggest heat losses are caused by a bad energetic condition of the building, for example by missing insulation or leaking windows and doors . Overheating or improper ventilation can also increase consumption and heating costs considerably.

Here can be a lot of effort with little effort. A sealing tape for ten windows, for example, only costs around 25 euros. Consumers sealing their windows can then save more than 1,000 kilowatt-hours and 80 euros each year in an average 125-square-foot house. Anyone who bumps several times a day, instead of permanently tilting the windows, can even save up to 170 euros a year.

Assess own heating consumption

Consumers can see the current heating level for Germany under #. Accordingly, the cost range for a 70 square meter apartment is between 550 and 1,200 euros per year.

What tips do you have for homeowners?

Tanja Loitz: Homeowners should in any case check whether the heating pipes are insulated , whether a pump exchange is worthwhile and whether their heating system is optimally adjusted. Because many heating systems do not run efficiently, because a hydraulic balancing is missing. In the next step, owners should also seek advice from an energy consultant and discuss the costs and benefits of energy-efficient modernization of the entire building together with them – in many cases, the greatest savings potential can be found here.

Thanks to smart technologies, radiators can now be conveniently controlled via an app on a mobile phone or tablet. But the acquisition costs for the technology are not exactly low. What potential do you see in smart heating?

Tanja Loitz: There is a lot of energy-saving potential in smart technologies – how much that exactly depends, of course, on the individual case. On average, ten percent are realistic in our view . The biggest advantage is that the heating can be adjusted exactly according to the needs of the occupants. It is always heated only when it should be warm. And only as much as necessary. Of course, this is much more efficient than heating, whether it’s home or not. In addition, the comfort can be increased , even with relatively simple and affordable programmable thermostats.

In addition, users with smart helpers can better observe how much heating energy they consume . Only those who know how much energy they use and what their costs are is motivated to save money. In addition, waste and heating defects are detected faster – and not only after the next billing.

The government supports consumers who want to optimize their heating system through different programs. What is your experience: Do owners know what grants you are entitled to?

Tanja Loitz: Unfortunately, in many cases, potential is given away . For a homeowner, it is almost impossible to find all the support programs without help. That’s why we often talk about a funding jungle .

There are not only federal programs but also countries. Added to this are municipal subsidies and even subsidies from energy providers and manufacturers. Who should keep track? We therefore recommend not only our free FördermittelCheck, but also always a conversation with an energy consultant on site in case of extensive renovation projects.

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